Artist’s Statement

I am a storyteller to my core. 

I am a teacher, a fire-keeper, a community-builder, a go-between, and a translator of experiences.

I write because stories have shown me the way to be happy, how to live in wonder and pay attention, and I wish to share that with all people, everywhere. 

I write because good stories are where we lose ourselves, and where we find the selves we can become.

I write as an act of service to my fellow humans, my fellow creatures, and my entire planet. 

I write to remind us of our total interconnection; we are all in this together and it takes every single one of us to build the magic of humanity! 

Stories have saved my life, over and over again, in times when I had little hope. I imagine my readers feel as I once did: powerless, alone, and wondering what our existence means. I write to soothe and empower those readers and to help us all feel that we belong. 

My soul’s work is to bring people together in sacred common space. Even though it often feels impossible, the most important thing for us to know is that we are not alone, we are not even separate! 

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